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Experience with Criminal Justice System Description
A person who has experienced sexual violence may become involved with the criminal justice system. This includes coming in contact with law enforcement and the legal system, which includes police officers, detectives, attorneys, victim advocates, military personnel, and judges.

There are reasons to report an act of sexual violence even if a conviction does not result. In addition to punishing the perpetrator, reporting the crime can be an empowering experience. Reporting may keep the perpetrator from committing another crime of sexual violence. In addition, as more crimes are reported, the epidemic of rape becomes more understood and less tolerated.

It is important to be aware that some survivors who report an act of sexual violence may feel emotionally overwhelmed and/or may not have positive experiences with law enforcement. It is essential for survivors to remember that it was not their fault and there is no reason to be ashamed. A crime was committed.

Writing Prompts
“Maybe I should have reported him/her…”
“When I was giving my statement to the police…”
“I felt that the lawyer assigned to my case was…”

Anonymous from Temple, TX| 10-October-08
For three years now I have had an ex-boyfriend and ex-husband that know each other and have on a continuous basis broke in my house and stalk and threaten me. On Mon. I was raped and then raped again by the police dept.. I think the reason why the police won't help is because there are some drug dealing cops in this town. Their friends all harass me calling me whore, child molester, I'm screwing my dogs but they get the respect of the police and I don't. The police treat me like I'm some stupid idiot. I realize because my dogs are freaked out when I get home that is not a case make but these people know exactly what they can get away with and they do everything but do bodily harm until Oct.6. My ex-boyfriend broke into my house and sexually assaulted me while I was sleeping and stole my wallet. I called the police and told the police officer that my wallet got stolen and I was assaulted. He just looked at me. I told him I was going to the hospital to get checked out but I couldn't bring myself to go. Even if it is an ex, it still makes you feel stripped of dignity and dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty. But, the officer never made a report just like in the past three years they haven't. So, I got refused a rape exam and got told to go talk to the officer tomorrow. How does one deal with that. I have told police about this man when I saw him in my house and they still did nothing. Now, they refuse to take my calls at the station, 911 won't send any officers, I bought an alarm and they may show up 20 minutes later. The person that put in my alarm knows my ex and now they refuse to come and fix it because of the drug dealer next door. So what do I do. I bought a gun and I was talking to a police officer and he wanted to know where the gun was and I told him where it was hidden and someone lifted my garbage liner up to steal it and this cop was the only one that knew where it was. I have never been in trouble with the law and hopefully I won't have to.

Anonymous from Buffalo, NY| 25-July-07
I hope this is the right heading under which my story belongs and I thank this website for the chance to tell my story, because I have never really had a chance to speak up and tell what happened to me and what it means for women.

I am currently a Junior at the State University of New York and I was assaulted the first month of my freshman year.  He was a friend of mine at the time and he called me at 3 in the morning claiming he had been in a fight and could I go over there and see if he was okay.  Living in the dorms, it was an easy trip, and he didn’t lie about the fight, he had a black eye and all.  He asked me to lie down next to him in his bed, and I agreed.  It quickly became clear that comfort was not his desire, and he began to touch me.  I told him no and removed his hand, thinking a quick good reality check would mute his attempt. I was wrong.  He held me there and proceeded to use his hands to grope and penetrate me.  He finally let go, angry that I was fighting him, and shoved me into the hallway screaming at me that I was a whore and a bitch and everything else horrible he could think of.

I didn’t want to call the police because I didn’t even realize that what happened to me was assault.  I called my friend and he knew immediately that something had happened. He then in turn excused himself and called another friend in a different language and told her to call the campus police, and she did.  They arrived shortly and I was in short, furious.  They tried to get me to tell them his name but I refused, I thought that he would get mad and that I was making a big deal and he would come after me.  The police officer finally looked me in the face and asked, "Do you want this to happen to somebody else?" I knew the answer in that moment, and what I had to do.  I told him everything, and then went to the hospital for a rape kit.

The hospital sucked, but there was a rape counselor there who gave me new clothes to wear, which I really appreciated.  It was uncomfortable and long.  Some 8 hours after the incident, now near noon the next day and me having not slept, I left the hospital with campus police.  They didn’t let me go home and insisted I go to the police station and rehash my whole story then.  I was tired and exhausted and I just wanted to go back home, but a very official looking man took notes as I told my story, then they brought me back to the dorms.  There was a restraining order put in place which meant he could not come onto my floor in the building and the case was sent to the school judiciary office.

Banning him from my floor did nothing, we lived in buildings right next to each other and had to share a cafeteria, buses, offices, everything.  I didn’t eat in the cafeteria, I didn’t walk outside, I felt confined to my room and my friends, but that didn’t keep him away from me either.  He didn’t care about the restraining order, he came onto my floor to smirk at me time and time again.  I would report it to my hall director who told me to tell him when he was there.  Now, keep in mind, I had to walk down to get him and then we would walk back up and he wouldn’t be there, so apparently he couldn't do anything.

One thing that upset me is that he was still living where he had been, on campus, near me, and no one knew about the attack.  This man, this danger, nothing was being done to protect other girls from having this happen to them.  I meanwhile was told a few horrifying details which to this day infuriate me.  He had had a history of not taking rejection well and there was an incident in the dorms over the summer, in a special program that takes on freshmen for a month in the summer.  They already knew he was a problem, a threat, and their failure to act put me at risk.  Then there was the night that it happened.  His neighbor two doors down told me he heard me, heard me screaming and us fighting, that we had woken him up.  He had only heard what happened in the hall and was sorry he didn’t help, he didn’t think it was his business.  The police never talked to him, never knocked on his door.  If I said that I was screaming, why didn’t they ask the people that lived next to him to verify my story?

His harassment and the University doing nothing continued all that semester, and I moved off campus to get away from him.  The judiciary office never talked to me, never called me, nothing.  I called them to enquire about my case and why they weren’t doing anything, I thought in a calm way, and I was told to "call back when I was less emotional."  I told them that if someone was calling them about a matter like this and they weren’t emotional, then they were doing what they suspected me of doing, lying.

Then I got a letter.

In March I got a letter about the assault that took place in September concerning the outcome of my case.  They found him guilty of misconduct in the residence halls and sentenced him to 15 hours community service, I was devastated.  That was a joke, to him as well as to me.  Nothing had come of it, nothing happened to him, and I still see him on campus, and he still smiles at me knowing what he got away with.  So I would like to say for a brief and perhaps uninformative moment, "Fuck You UB, I am worth more than 15 hours!!!"  I was told that because my case had been processed through the campus that I couldn’t take it to the police, and that their decision was final.  I was assaulted twice, once by the man who I thought was a new friend, and once by the University who took absolutely no steps to either protect me or to punish him.  If there was a happy ending it would be that because of this I took a women’s studies class the next semester, and I have since switched majors to Women’s Studies from English and become a full time feminist. I don't want this to happen to any more women, I don't want this to happen to my daughter.

Hanna Benney from St. Ives, Cornwall, UK | 15-May-06
When I was fifteen I was raped by two men on my church grounds; the memories haunt me. I had been at a friend's party in his garden backing onto the church and had had an argument with my friend's boyfriend. I'd gone to a corner to get some space, and he dragged my over the hedge onto the grounds. I was quite shocked but thought he just wanted to continue arguing in private; it wasn't until he pushed me to the ground that I started to worry. I'm quite a strong independent girl, but being in that situation fighting to get his hands off my neck and out of my knickers scared me, because suddenly I was so weak. As I clawed at his wrist he bashed my head against the ground. Then raped me. After shouting no for a while I gave up struggling to close my self away inside of myself. When he started to get off me, I tried to scrabble away, but suddenly there was another guy laughing. The sound was so sickening. He tossed the first guy something, then raped me as well. The rapist had sold me on for drugs. They left after slapping me around a bit and I staggered back to the friend's where I was staying. She insisted on calling the police while I vomited, and shook. The police came, and very lazily did their 'duty' then made me wait six hours for a medical examination. The police's involvement was nearly as horrific as the rape. It was topped when one of them said that silly slutty girls didn't win rape cases. This caused me to hide away, if this is their view what would others think. I didn't press charges. A friend had me take the morning after pill; however I still became pregnant, which made things harder as I struggled to continue living. I didn't know what to do. At twelve weeks I lost the baby, and my heart broke, even though I don't know how I would have coped if the baby had looked like one of them, I still mourned it.

I don't know why this happened to me, and my life still has frequent times when I want to hide away and wallow in my depression and despair. But instead I put on my mask, and fill my life to a hectic stress, to avoid thinking, for it is then that I think about the rape and my baby. I still suffer from panic attacks and hate being in big groups or areas with lots of people behind me; I find myself suspicious of and distrusting older men I used to know and trust. Rape has changed my life so much and I am only now just slowly managing to get my life back on track, perhaps it will come with time, it's only been 10 months.

Tina from Northant, U.K. | 11-December-05
Most people would’ve heard about the case of the Camden Ripper in UK in 2003 who was jailed for killing three sex workers in his flat. What many people may still not know is that there are also four survivors that Anthony Hardy is alleged to have raped and assaulted and one of which is me.

Since 2003 l have been active in campaigning for justice and have hit many a brick wall in doing so. Only in the past few weeks have I been able to get support for the effect of what he did to me. Due to the long NHS waiting list which does not help me overcome the attempt on my life as he raped me.

What gets my goat even to this day 3 years on is that he still has not been charged of what he did to me and the other three survivors. Only the other day I found out reasons behind the Crown Prosecution Service here in UK not handling our case correctly, that they had put out their question whether charges should be brought against the Camden Ripper to what they say "lengthy consultations took place with various bodies after receiving police file".

Well now I plan to write to the CPS asking for a review on my case in light of them failing in their duty of care. I made a formal complaint to the Met police over their handling of my case also.

On 13/12/05 outside St. Luke’s Hospital in North London UK, I will be campaigning and highlighting the new legal points of my case to bring a civil action against the NHS trust where their doctors deemed him to be a risk and danger to women but still let him go from their care at this hospital only weeks before be went on to commit his crimes to me and murder three women.

The CICA UK criminal injury payout system is now taking over a year to deal with (the government department likes taking their time in dealing with cases like mine) to see whether I am able to get compensation for what I suffered. I am having to pay out lawyers’ fees of whatever I am awarded, which I do not think is fair and the London bombing victims are able to get lawyers for free to help them with the same CICA claims for them. Now I hear in the press the CICA system will change again.

My family life is up and down and my personal life a roller coaster. I am still not able to sleep well and am trying to overcome my fears. I have my cats to help keep a smile on my face and help me realize life is not all bad and in 2006 SOS UK will hopefully get sponsors for a DVD to get the message to end murder and rape to all sex workers. I was qualified masseur at the time and now I campaign for SOS UK. www.freewebs.com/voiceofsexworker is the webpage to gain support in my case and others. So really for now my spelling may not be good here but I felt it is important to get my story told, thanks tina

CPL Dennis from Boone, IA | 30-January-04
I had just turned 20 and I was on an AT with my National Guard Unit. On the way back from our AT in Minnesota my Military Vehicle broke down. The other soldier and myself waited with the First Sergeant for the maintenance truck to reach us. Our vehicle was completely shot so one of us had to go with First Sergeant and the other with the two guys in the Maintenance truck. I went with the two guys because I knew them and we were friends so I figured we would talk and it would be a okay trip home. I was so tired and exhausted from being in a hummer that over heated and then being in the sun for two hours waiting that I feel asleep. When I woke up Sergeant F. had his hand in my crotch I was horrified I did not know what to do. I was stuck in this truck with them for at east another two hours. If they thought I was awake and knew I was scared that he and the other Sergeant would do worse because they would have nothing to lose. So I kept my eyes closed and pretended to wake up slowly and squirmed away from Sergeant F. Thankfully it worked. I made them pull over at the next stop to use the restroom and I vomited for ten minutes. Not only were those two guys supposed to be my friends they were supposed to be friends with my fiancé. I waited three months before I told anyone in my chain of command. While they were investigating what happened Sergeant F. was put in for an ARCOM for his service during that AT. At the end of the investigation I had left my AGR job with an E6 slot because I could no longer work with him coming into my office every day and standing behind me so close that I could feel him breathe on me. I left it all and then my Brigade officer whom I had more respect for than any person I had ever meet in the military told me over the phone that because I was asleep and never said he couldn’t touch me that what Sergeant F. did was perfectly alright. Two and a half years later and I still do not know who to be more mad at: Sergeant F. for doing it, or the Colonel for saying it was okay.

Melinda from Sturgis, MI | 01-February-03
Hello I'm a mother of 2 children who have been molested by the same man. We got a call on 1/28/03 from our prosecutor's office saying he will only serve one year. My girls were 11 and 13 when this happened to them. The molester took a psyche. Evaluation and I was told it came back he was a danger to society, and was not a good candidate for rehabilitation. So you see why this is devastating news to my family. I'm sorry to be bothering you with this but I dont know who to turn to. If someone can get back to me on this matter as soon as possible... I talked to Doug F. the prosecutor and when I stated I was not happy with the plea I was told that because when this all first started and my child was scared to go to jail and couldn't testify that it is now a done deal. He then also hung up on me when I said I would go public. I also found out his phyc.evaluation is not in our file.

Debi Castle from Tripler, Hawaii | 04-October-02
This story needs to get out! Women need to know!

This is my story--sadly enough! My daughter who is a heart patient, I escorted back to Hawaii to help her prepare her house for her husband's homecoming from the "war". Also she was pregnant with her second child. On June 25th 2002 my husband (who had come over a few days prior) and I and our 21 month old granddaughter escorted my daughter to her usual weekly monitoring at anti-partem. Ashley my granddaughter was being a little snit so I told my husband I would take her out front and I would sit out there and smoke and wait for him and Evy to come out.

Ashley in her stroller and I got into the elevator outside of labor and Delivery. Inside was a man. I could tell he was military by the haircut and all. I scanned the buttons which were not labeled and asked the man which floor is the lobby. He told me just follow him he was headed there. I said ok...

Now mind you I have a son in the AF and a son-in-law in the Navy. I am a 48 yr old heavy set grandma and I NEVER in my wildest dreams would expect this kind of shit to happen to ME and no less in a Hospital ON a military installation!!!!!

We rode the elevator down and had small chat on the way. I asked him if he worked there (he was in shorts and a tee-shirt). He told me no he was a marine and I said "oh stationed at Kaneohe" he said yes and I said my son-in-law is stationed there. He seemed polite but didn't start conversation unless I did.

We got to the first floor and the door opened and I saw immediately it was NOT the lobby there was a chain link fence and cement floors and all. I said to him this is not the lobby and he said follow him, it will get us to the lobby. I didn't think anything of it being lost as I was now. I pushed Ashley and we followed him..I remember there were green walls...green fiberglass like they were doing construction or something. He made the remark it was a long walk. As We followed him he suddenly stopped. He was on my right. He turned to me, shoved me into the wall and grabbed my breast. I was taken by total surprise. I swung my hand and hit him in the face and said something to the effect "OH no you DON'T". My slapping him surprised Me and him. He backed up and if looks could kill I would be dead. I made him mad as hell and that was more than obvious. He stood glaring at me for what seemed like several minutes. Ashley in her stroller was hysterical.

My first reaction was to lean down and cover her mouth so she would not draw his attention to her. I stood frozen staring at him as he glared at me waiting to see what his next move was going to be. IT seemed like time stood still. His eyes...I will NEVER forget those eyes. Shortly after a man in the camouflage uniform with a military ball cap style hat on ( I am told military members are not to wear their hats inside--and He had his ON) came around the corner. The marine took that opportunity to take off. He walked the opposite direction than we came (headed towards the man) and disappeared around the corner. AS this man in uniform passed me I got behind him and followed him to yet another set of elevators then Ashley and I came down in. We rode up with this man who did not speak and I did not speak to him. I just fumbled with Ashley. We stopped and got off where he did. It was the Other side of the hospital completely that I had entered in originally with my Husband, Daughter and Ashley.

I walked a little till I realized I was in the Main lobby, then I lost it. A couple was standing talking and I asked them Please ( I was crying) tell me how to get back to the parking garage side of the hospital lobby. The woman gave me directions. TO this day I do not know how I got there but my daughter found Ashley and I walking down the hall by the "refill pharmacy". She was worried asking me where I had been I told her I didn't know.

We met up with Jim outside and all walked to the parking garage. Evy and Jim had been looking all over for me, as this was some 25 minutes later till Evy found me. Evy had also rode that elevator down to the floor this happened on and when the door opened and she too saw the chain link fence she said to herself mom wouldn't come down here and rode the elevator back up. THANK god for that. I do not know where that floor goes to and had she gotten out and started wandering around 9 months pregnant that man could have gotten her too.

Anyway as we walked to the garage they kept asking me where were you and I didn't know. I guess I was in shock. They kept asking me are you ok...are you having a heart attack..what is wrong you're white..how come you don't talk to us. Once we reached the 2nd floor of the parking garage away from the hospital I lost it and told them I was attacked and I took off running. I was in a panic. Jim found me on the street level. I was in such a panic. They drove me up to the main lobby we entered in and Evy went to the main desk and asked for security SEVERAL times. A lone officer showed up 25 minutes later and the excuse was they were out looking for my assailant. Funny no one had a description of him yet. He asked for the man's info and I told him. He gave me a police report and I told him I would go home and fill it out and bring it back I was far to upset and then having to sit there and wait and wonder if this guy was going to walk up to the car or something. We left....went home..the rest of the evening was shot. Then I really came unglued..thinking Oh my god he could have killed me he could have harmed my precious granddaughter..OH MY GOD. It was like reality was hitting me. And I slapped him and pissed him off.. What if that military man hadn't come around the corner. You hear about this stuff but on TV or in the paper yaw know..THIS WAS NOT HAPPENING TO ME.

The next day I filled out the report. Still upset as best as I could. Then the anger started and I told my husband I wonder if that damn general at Tripler knows about this. So I decided to call him. I wanted him to know this happened. I called and got his male secretary. Of course they want to know why I wanted to talk to him. I told the man I was assaulted the day before at that hospital and I want the General to KNOW. He told me the general was busy and would call me back. I asked him when that would be..he told me the general was a busy man and this did not take priority and he would call when he saw fit....I WAS PISSED and hung up. I told Jim about the conversation and he in turn called back and asked the man for the General's Boss and told him that what he had told me was not sat. The man told him he would have someone call my husband back. Soon after Major _____, the executive officer, called seemingly very concerned and genuine. He started asking me questions and I handed the phone to Jim. Still uneasy about the whole thing and talking about it. He asked Jim to come up and speak to him and Jim agreed. My daughter also elected to go up. They wanted me to stay home and there was NO way I was staying home alone.

We got to the general's office and Major ______ and D____ the provost marshal were present. They were told what happened. I spoke very little and stayed turned to my daughter almost the whole time. Major _____ had told us that he would see to it that I would receive counseling and any medical help I needed in Hawaii and On the mainland for as long as it took. Seemed fair enough to us. In-fact several days later, D_____ issued me a Gov't ID card (with no expiration) in order to for me gain entrance to the base and other facilities there and back on the mainland which I still have. My husband also asked that ALL women in that facility be told of this...so they can protect themselves and be on the look out. We were assured a in-house email would go out that day. 3 days later when my grandson was born I randomly asked women that worked there if they knew of this. NO ONE WAS NOTIFIED. All the times I had been at that hospital I NEVER once saw any security anywhere. We left there feeling like things would be handled. I Was told CID would be in contact with me to take a composite. That after noon CID called and he wanted me to come there. I told him no my daughter was due to give birth and if she didn't she would be induced that Friday. He refused to come to her house to take the composite. I told him we could meet at Tripler Friday when she was in labor. Once we got there I decided it was not appropriate to sit and do the composite--I was there for a happy event and to help Evy give birth. I asked D_______ to call this man and cancel it.

MY world was crushed. I was there and my husband was there for the homecoming of my son-in-law having been away 6 months to the middle east. We were expecting the birth of Brandon and we were all so excited. Life couldn't have been better. Then that happened...AND now it has been a living hell. I felt and still do so many emotions...

I felt that all this put a damper on the birth of my grandson. Brandon was born June 28th, 2002. Evy was so SCARED because of this she insisted her husband spend the night with her after his birth. Both of them sleeping in a single hospital bed. She and the baby came home the next day and I think her rushing it was the fear she had of being in there because of my attacker.

It was a good 3 weeks till I heard back from anyone. I called repeatedly and asked for assistance (via D______) for counseling. He finally called me in and I was taken to speak to a social worker. NOT a counselor. My daughter's friend who used to be a triage nurse at Tripler escorted me. She told the social worker I needed to see a medical doctor as I was not eating or sleeping. A Dr. was brought in stayed maybe 10 min and prescribed to me sleeping pills and anti depressants. Then informed me I would have to take them to a outside pharmacy to have them filled. I told them no Tripler was supposed to and I was told sorry!

No follow up appointments were made. And nothing about this was accomplished other than the social worker "slipping" and telling Brenda and I that there had been a rape in the parking garage not long ago but that it was being handled. She gave me hand outs to seek treatment on the outside. She told me to go to the navy relief and ask for money assistance. She told me to have MY insurance pay for my care. She told me to let the state of Hawaii pick up the tab for the counseling I would need. She told me to have my son make me a dependant so the Navy would pay for this. Now I was MAD. This was Tripler's problem and Major ______ had told US that All this would be handled and PAID for by the Army.

I left and Brenda took me home. She went out to get my Rx filled and as I told the story to my daughter she got angry and called and spoke to a military woman. Who called back and said for me to take my Rx to Tripler and they would fill it. Little Too late Brenda had gone to do it.

D_____ was now on vacation for a week. I heard from the social worker the next day and she asked how I was and could I come back in that day. I told her no that Chad had the car and we had no transportation. That was that. No more contact from her.

I spoke with D_____ when he got back and was very upset about what had happened. I called Major _____ who informed me that the Army would pay for 6 VISITS ONLY on a emergency basis. THAT ISN'T WHAT HE TOLD US IN OUR CONFERENCE. I relayed this to D_____ and also the fact that CID never called me since before the baby was born. Now going into a month and NO composite taken. D______ said he would look into things. I got a call from a M___ who was the CID agent. Again they wanted me to go to Scholfield and I said No. They could come to where I was. He was arguing with me and I handed the phone to Evy. She told him IF YOU WANT TO SEE MY MOM YOU WILL COME HERE PERIOD. That night he came out. Handed me a report and told me I needed to fill it out. I had informed him I did that via Tripler police and he said he never got the report. AND demanded I fill out another one and my daughter also. We did. (recently I was informed that is how they try to find holes in my story comparing the two reports) I finally left the island scared and mad as hell. The composite was ALL wrong the guy had his weight as 180 to 120 and his hair color as dark Own (brown) I demanded they GET it right. Then I was told Kaneohe police had been notified. I called Kaneohe Marine base and they knew NOTHING of this (2 days before I left and now was 2 months).

I have emailed EVERY person I can with a gov address..congress..the president..heads of the military and NOTHING. I Got a call in Washington from Hawaii CID who basically wanted another recount of the story--I handed the phone to Jim. this has been a on going nightmare for me. I experience panic attacks (especially when I go into a elevator and someone is in there)

My sleeping is non existent..my eating is non existent. I have experienced emotions I have never experienced in my life. I feel like I wrecked an important day in my daughter's life, the birth of their child. It has caused a tremendous strain on my marriage. My husband feels guilt that he was not there to prevent this. I find I get angry at him..he doesn't understand. He tries to help but he can't . He tells me to forget it, it is over. NO it is not over NO I can't forget it. I close my eyes to sleep and I SEE his. I hear Ashley screaming. There is a fear inside me that is unbelievable. I have guilt that had I not gone there it would have never happened. I have "what if's" that I cant flush from my mind. I am mad as HELL that the military takes NO responsibility for this what so ever. AND they promised they WOULD. I have been experiencing medical problems I am sure also is because of this I feel like a boat in the water with no oar. I have gotten suicidal, I have had so many raw emotions. I want them TO STAND UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I have yet to get counseling. it is a trust issue at this point sitting face to face with a stranger and telling them all this really bothers me. I am working up the courage to do so. People tell me I am brave and courageous that I slapped him. Nothing brave about it. He grabbed me and my immediate response was ASHLEY.....ASHLEY my precious ASHLEY..he isn't going to do this to US. Now Ashley is experiencing nightmares she wakes up screaming NO NOOOOOOOOO. Yes..he did do this to us and I want to see him caught so he won't do this again....

Please Help!!

And the story continues--I am proud to say the Stars and Stripes Mil news paper will be running a article on this. FINALLY someone has the guts to speak up! Now maybe this guy will be caught!

I AM WRITING YOU ALL BECAUSE THIS STORY NEEDS TO BE HEARD BY all AMERICANS! All the talk about "homeland security" There isn't such a thing. Please read on.... This is to inform you all that the inspector General in Hawaii has sent a letter to my daughter's house which is incorrect on the facts and what appears to be their way to cover this up falsify documents and so on--go figure! I think it is time Tripler and the military step up to the plate and take responsibility for all this. AND to this date my assailant has not been caught and I doubt very seriously the Army is doing anything to catch him! Thus endangering all other women on Oahu! I am frankly real tired of the Military and Tripler blowing this off like it is No big deal! Now they are lying and falsifying information saying I was given 2 Sessions with their social worker--LIE. And that they called me several times to make other appointments--LIE.

The Truth of the reality is the Army could care less about Protecting this country and you and I! And the fact that I am being "blown" off is PROOF! GET MAD--get very mad....and remember your government DOES not care about you and I or what happens on one of their military facilities!